Why are we here?

Our mission

Thanks to retro-reflective technology, B REFLECTIVE makes visibility accessible in the dark or in the rain, for the most vulnerable people on the road.

Cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, children, scooter users or others:

We want to make everyone want to be more visible during daily trips or leisure activities.

What are we making?

Our products

These are retro-reflective stickers that can be stuck on helmets, bicycles, strollers or school bags and children's toys.

They are simple, aesthetic and durable .

There are also accessories such as armbands, elements to sew or iron on clothing, designed to make all the difference.

98% of the products are made in the VFACTORY workshop, near Strasbourg.

But where does it come from?


Since our origin, we have done our best to protect the environment and we are making progress on this every day .

We also have a secret project: to reduce public lighting.

Because we think it is possible to light people and not the whole environment.

Streetlights may not be needed everywhere. It consumes and it strongly harms biodiversity. And those who toast the most are the fireflies!

30 meters

the distance at which we are seen at night without thinking, and with that goes up to more than 100 meters.

It also motivates us every day

What our customers say about us