Our eco-responsible project

Originally, beliefs

The creation of the company

Since our origins, we have been committed to improving ourselves in order to preserve the environment. This has led us, for example, to produce and maintain this production at home, to favor local suppliers or to do all kinds of small daily gestures internally.

A beginning, a trajectory, but we needed to initiate a more decisive change...

This is where it starts to structure

Start of the eco-design project

We realized that we had to go further and we admit that we were wondering where to start.

To do this in the best conditions, we decided to embark on a global approach to the eco-design of our products at the end of 2021, with the support of the CCI Grand Est, the Grand Est region and ADEME (course " MakCCing Sustainable").

We take this opportunity to proudly thank them, we were damn well surrounded.

We measure ourselves and we progress

The eco-design project

After understanding the stakes, the first step (and which in fact never stops): measure yourself.
Then come the stages of creativity to find solutions and then the implementation.

Thanks to that we were able to improve on many levels and also start a specific project...

PS: the image is only true of the name of our eco-design software;)

A big step in the making

Packaging focus

We were able to quickly realize that the major impact of our products was on the packaging.

It is therefore on this project that we are currently concentrating most of our eco-design efforts and we are very close to seeing the end of it...

We can tell you that we will reduce the weight of our packaging by around 70% and that we will get rid of plastic, but we won't tell you more to reserve the surprise for you.

What's in the pipes?

The following

What follows will be all sorts of optimizations of our distribution methods, of our building, but also of internal and external awareness.

Small or big things that can be seen or not, such as the site you are on, which has been optimized according to greenIT criteria: lighter and requiring the fewest possible resources when browsing.

We will not give up to do better every day to protect the environment!