Is wearing a helmet compulsory when cycling?

At a time when road safety is becoming a priority, one question is being debated: is wearing a bicycle helmet compulsory? Until what age?

We explain everything to you in this article.

What does French legislation say regarding the obligation to wear a bicycle helmet?

Since December 21, 2016, wearing a helmet is compulsory until the age of 12 for all classic and electric cycles.

It must be attached, comply with regulations relating to personal protective equipment and have the “CE” marking. If you want to know more about these requirements, a decree sets out the categories of approved helmets.

Honestly, is the headset really useful?

Even if at first glance helmets may seem useless and unaesthetic, you should know that they considerably reduce the number of injuries.

Indeed, the ONISR concluded in its report that half of the cyclists who were victims of road accidents in 2019 were not wearing helmets.

In addition, according to the International Journal of Epidemiology , wearing a helmet reduces the risk of serious head injuries by 69% and the risk of suffering a fatal head injury by 65%.

helmet visible at night mandatory

What do I risk if I go with someone who isn't wearing one?

Failure to wear a helmet while cycling is punishable (at the same price as for motorcycle drivers and passengers) with a fine of up to 750 euros. This is applicable to adults accompanying minors aged twelve, whether they are the driver or passenger of the bicycle .

And how is it going in the world?

You should know that France is not the strictest country in terms of legislation. Indeed, in Finland, Australia, New Zealand and five regions of Canada, wearing a helmet when cycling is compulsory for everyone, from the smallest cyclist to the largest. The same is true for several American states.


What about wearing a helmet for EDPMs in France?

According to the Highway Code , wearing a helmet is compulsory for EDPM users aged at least fourteen years , in the only case where they are authorized by the police authorities to travel outside built-up areas on roads whose speed maximum authorized speed is less than or equal to 80 km/h. The penalty applicable to failure to wear a helmet is the same as that applied to bicycle users.

To find out more about EDPMs, do not hesitate to take a look at our article.

The firefly's tips 🟢:

→ Choose a helmet that suits you and above all a helmet in which you feel good. So, once you are comfortable in and with your helmet why not wear it?

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