In this kit of 12 ready-to-use stickers, you will find 6 strips and 6 rounds that you can stick on any smooth and rigid surface.

Our ÉCO MULTI™ stickers were designed to be glued on different supports and to make you visible at 360° to all other users if you stick them on your helmet, all around your scooter, on electric unicycles and other light urban electric vehicles, or on your bikes and strollers.

Improve the visibility of your whole family with these multi-use stickers.

When visibility meets creativity!

The ÉCO COLORS™ is a universal and multi-use reflective adhesive sheet  that you can easily cut to customize all your equipment and vehicles.

It allows you to perfectly adapt your stickers to your gyropods, electric unicycles, motor scooters, bikes and strollers by cutting out your own designs.

Improve the visibility of young and old alike and imagine your own decoration at low cost